Quality Case/Complaint/Non-Conformance/Engineering Work Order request ticketing

Our previous platform allowed a ticketing system for raising issues for escalation (kind of like this).

Quality Cases/complaints/non-conformances should necessarily be attached to all batch records for traceability. Certain users (eg brewers) should be able to raise an issue for escalation which alerts certain other users (eg quality team) for investigation. It would be nice if these quality flags could be visually represented by an icon (red flag?) on a tank on the Production overview page, highlighting that the batch has an open investigation or a non-conformance raised against it.

Likewise users should be able to raise a breakdown/corrective maintenance request against certain plant which alerts other users (eg. engineering team) which can then be investigated, tracked and closed out with a report for transparency.

These “cases” should have admin-customisable forms for various essential/non-essential fields allowing status tracking (new, in progress, closed etc), be able to alert certain personnel who may be assigned the investigation (eg quality team receive an email when a quality case raised etc), and some reporting functionality/dashboard visibility would be ideal.

For completeness it makes sense for these features to be on the one central platform.



Thanks, Ben. This is a great suggestion!

If anyone else would find this useful, please give this thread a vote :+1:

I was going to start a new feature thread - but it could sit here.

We would like to track brewery performance against conformity of brews ie a measure of deviation from specification eg carbonation levels, abv, brew-house/mashing efficiency, losses etc etc.

We could add to notes against each brew, however we would like to track and report on quantifiable performance.

If there are product complaints then these would also be recorded here as an “nonconformity” and could include packaging etc.

If a non-conformity/complaint is logged against a beer - this would also tie up traceability and product recall should that be required.