Purchase Order List Filter option to only show "Open" POs

As our list of PO’s is growing it would be really helpful to have a filter option to only see open PO’s. We use the PO’s to check against invoice prior to entry into our financials. I know that we can already search by PO number but to have this optional view but be great.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Dawn. I can see how this will be useful.

If you can vote for this thread, that would be helpful for us. And if anyone else would find this useful, please also give this a vote using the button in the top-left. Thank you.

It would be really helpful if fully receipted Purchase orders disappeared from the list. Under/over/ un-receipted would stay on the main page but making it clearer what was still to be delivered. (like you currently do in the deliveries page, where only outstanding deliveries are populated and completed move off-screen).


Thanks, Thomas. I’ve merged your thread into an existing thread that’s looking for the same thing to ensure all the votes go to one place. Cheers.

Great news, you can now filter the PO (and inventory receipt) lists using BrewwQL :tada:

For example, you can view only your non-fully-receipted POs by using this filter:

receipt_status != "Fully receipted"

For another example, you could also combine this with a site filter, such as:

receipt_status != "Fully receipted" and site_delivered.name = "Brewery"

We hope this proves useful. Thanks again for the suggestion and for helping us to make Breww even better!

This is super handy, thanks Luke.
Will it also be possible in the future to save filters (like on the Sales Dashboard)?

Funny that you should ask! Yes, this is planned to come soon and nearly got bundled into this release :+1:

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