Proposed government changes to UK Beer Duty in 2023

Hi everyone,

We know that UK Beer Duty is due to change in 2023 and we want to make you aware that we are keeping a close eye on this to make sure that the changes are ready to go in Breww as and when Beer Duty changes.

Please keep an eye on the community page for further updates as we know more.

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Just checking in on this - and was confident you would be on it!

SIBA has just released their member guide to the duty changes


Thanks, Greg, yes, don’t worry, we’re on it :smile: And thanks for the SIBA link, that’s a useful resource to have to hand.

I’m not certain at this stage if you’ll need to do anything in Breww before the switchover, but if you do, we’ll make sure that everyone knows well in advance and can do what’s needed. Either way, when we get to the big day, everything will automatically change to the new process seamlessly.

Hi Luke

Is there any way Breww can knock out the reports needed for us to start calculating our duty changes so I can update my costings?

Looking for either the hectolitres of pure alchol produced in a given time frame and/or the weighted average abv of beer produced in a given time frame.


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Hey Jack. We do plan to add some new reports, but in the meantime you can get your weighted average ABV for beer produced by grabbing the raw data from Breww and calculating the weighted average ABV in Excel.

I know a one-click report in Breww would be simpler, but this should get you what’s needed today without having to wait for us to build the new reports.

Here’s a share code that should get you started:


If you’ve not used a share code before, please see Reporting via the Aggregate Report Builder and Raw Data Explorer for how to use it. Cheers!

Brilliant thanks for this Luke I’ll give it a go.

On a different duty topic, do you/could plan to offer duty rate calculations for connected sites?

We have a brewpub as well as our production brewery run via 2 separate businesses but our duty relief is calculated using the combined production volumes from both sites. Both businesses use Breww to run production.

At our production site we also rent our space to another brewery with their own tanks on site and their own brewing licence. Again however their production and our own are combined for duty relief purposes. This isn’t uncommon in the industry so would be great to see some options within Breww for the duty calculations. They also use Breww fyi.


Hi Jack! Breww uses the user-entered production totals in Settings → Beer duty settings in order to calculate your duty relief. Although Breww suggests a figure based on the total volume brewed under your own licence in Breww, we made sure you can always override it exactly for reasons like this.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth breakdown of your production totals, the duty payment option and the brewery brewed for, you should be able to use the following Raw data explorer share code to pull out the raw data behind what you need :ok_hand:


Do with an update on when the new duty stuff will be coming through on the system? it would be useful to get a final figure as to our duty rate going forward. The raw data explorer code helps, but needs a lot of editing/adjsuting our end to take into account low alcohol beers, etc so we are just treating it as an estimate at the movement - rather than a definitive figure.

Hi Ben! Yes, there should be an update before the end of the month at the latest that will allow you to both report on the hectolitres of pure alcohol produced for the purposes of the new beer duty reporting and also allow you to confirm/override the figure in advance of the new duty regime.

We’ll also be publishing with the launch a guide on managing the new duty changes within Breww :ok_hand:


Hey Max, thanks for being on top of this at Breww. Not sure if this is in the pipeline but I figured a good start on this would be to have calculations on the Beer Duty tab. One for our HLPA results from Feb 22 to Jan 23 to calculate our new duty rates from August 23 to Jan 24 and then a calculation based on our expected new duty rate from Feb 24. Is this something that’s in the pipeline at all as we are now starting to get asked more and more questions from our larger customers on this and I feel it would be incredibly helpful for all Breww members to have something that automatically calculates on the duty tab?

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Not at all; that’s what we’re here for!

Yes, we will be launching a dedicated report showing your alcohol production totals for each year and automatically exclude anything produced that wasn’t greater than 1.2% - so you’ll be able to get the required total from Breww easily each year. Breww will also show you, just like now, the duty rates you will be paying based on your estimates for the current year.

What calculation would you be looking for based on your February 2024 duty rate?

Do you have a rough time frame on when this will be completed at all?

We will be expected to work out our duty rate from 1st Feb 24 based on estimated HLPA from Feb 1st 2023 to Jan 31st 2024. Is there a way you can have a calculator for this too?

As mentioned above, it should be in the next week or so, and the dedicated report I mentioned will be able to show you all alcohol produced for as long as you’ve been using Breww. So you’ll be able to see the total alcohol produced in Breww for each duty estimate year (i.e. 1st Feb - 1st Jan the next year) :+1:

Morning gang, is there any update to this feature? I think I’ve exhausted pretty much every other avenue and I keep getting different methods on how people are working out their new duty rate; leading me to get slightly different figures every time, causing no end of frustration on our part - we just want to be able to tell our (now slightly twitchy) customers what our new duty rate will be :sweat_smile:


Just to follow up on the above, unless I’ve missed it, is there a way of showing the packaged volume of beer we’ve produced on a report? The sharecode pasted above seems to only bring up total brewed volume rather than packaged volume, leading to the spreadsheet we’re using to attempt to work out our hL PA and weighted ABV going wildly out of spec.


Our guide on how to manage the UK Alcohol Duty updates in Breww is now here :tada:

It includes how to use our new Total volume packaged report to view the total alcohol you’ve produced in Breww for the purposes of Small Producer Relief as well.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know!

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