'Properly' stock checking on Breww

I want to be able to audit all instances of stock adjustments at any time, particularly when doing internal audits on our stock. The stock taker tool is great for setting stock levels but I’m concerned that we are unable to easily produce a report on manual adjustments that are made which I see as an essential part of the process. From experience with a system I used in another life we had a ‘variances and adjustments’ report which was a line by line data dump of all stock changes that were manually made with the key additional information being the date and the person that made the adjustment. To relate it to Breww it would be all + or - stock events in a defined period that were not from racking, sales or returns (although having the ability to see any returned kegs or bottles stock stocked in - by way of an identifier in the column, during the period, would be a good option).

As far as I understand the current system allows us to correct stock but there’s no accountability as to how we arrived at that stock level, the worst case scenario could be somebody writing stock off under the various reasons and it going unnoticed.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Omar.

Have you seen the “Log” tab that’s shown on products and stock items? This should show every single increase or decrease in the stock level, why and who did it.

Is there something else missing here that you’d like to see? Or have I misunderstood what you’re looking for? Thanks.

Hi Luke, I’ve seen the log tab and the information is great - the issue is the user ability to view and manipulate it as a whole. Currently I have to go every single beer type and packaging type to see each log and scroll through each list to find all adjustments amongst all the other activity within the log such packaging and delivering. If I could just download the entire activity log I would then be able to filter by adjustment and date.


Ah, ok, so you’d like to be able to export the existing logs to an Excel file? And be able to do this on a per-product basis, as well as a export of all changes to all products in one file?

Ideally all at once and be able to filter each field - by product, by stock adjustment change type, action type, by user etc so that we can undertake a full audit of our stock position from a single data file. I notice that the log ‘clumps’ together a series of actions.

Taken from log:
e.g. 1 created from a ‘stock adjustment’ from Batch #360 into location Brewery - Main

‘1’ (quantity column), ‘stock adjustment’ (adjustment type column inc. return, delivered, racked, racked from 3rd party or an additional column for these types), Batch #360 (gyle column), Brewery - Main (location column). Plus user name, product name, container type. This would give all the required fields to manipulate the data effectively.

If you guys run with this, the dream scenario would be the above data export being generated to accompany each stock audit file with the date range of this list in question, matching the date of the last completed audit. That way we would have a complete set of data to audit with.

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Hi Luke,

Do you have any more thoughts on my last post? It would save a huge amount of time even if you implemented the option to export all logs in a defined period so I can manipulate the data from there.


I think this is a great suggestion, so thanks for putting this forward, Omar.

It’s now in our feature requests area, so it can be prioritised according to our usual process, which considers votes, implementation time and a number of other factors. I’m unable to give any indication as to when it will be done at this stage, but we’ll make sure to post an update here when we know more. Cheers.