Prompt for readings & checks when making a transfer action

Hey guys.

Currently we are still using paper for all our transfer records. We have tried using the recipe tool but having to go into the recipe to fill out the process sheet still has its limitations and then you still have to go into the actions and repeat the transfer. It would be ideal if when starting the Transfer action it would promp a record sheet similar to a brewday.

This could include : inline DO, CO2, volume, and temperature checks, but also link into CIP for the equipment linked and allow for the build out of the sheet with customisable sections similar to a brew sheet.



Thanks for the great suggestion, Freddie. I can see how this would be a great addition. This is also somewhat like a packaging approval, but for transfers.

This should already be possible. When making a transfer the last question is “Did you use any equipment during this transfer?”, and this should be able to trigger CIP records if they have a schedule set up based upon a number of uses. Are you having an issue with this, or was this just not seen? Cheers :+1:

Hi Luke,

Yeah we do use this feature but this is a prompt after the fact as to whether or not you did use any equipment and whether or not it was CIP’d. Whilst this is ok as a box ticking its almost too late in the process. Our current paperwork we use, has a list of prerequisites that must be completed *before the transfer. So pipework set up, pre run equipment checks, tank tests, CIP checks and swabs. Once these have all been completed then the transfer record begins. This acts as both a promp for the actions and an in depth record keeping.
We also then run a post transfer quick CIP so this would need a second promp.

I think a set up similar to the brew day where the liquid moves through a system would be ideal, with different sections that you can move e.g Pre run checks, pre run CIP, running checks, final checks, volumes etc and post run CIP that we can customise.

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks, Freddie, that’s really useful information and it all makes sense.