Product mapping update with webshop integration

We had an incorrectly mapped product with our Squarespace integration which has now been corrected but it hasn’t updated an imported order that includes that product, how can we amend it so the correct stock is assigned to the order?

Hi Gemma,

Sure - that shouldn’t be a problem to resolve!

After you’ve re-mapped the product, you will need to make a minor change on the Squarespace invoices that were incorrectly mapped, in order to trigger a change that will cause Breww to refresh the invoice from Squarespace. For example if you go to the invoice and add a note, or a full stop on the address or something similar, Squarespace will then update the last modified time and trigger an update to Breww - which will now re-download it with the correct mapping.

In our other integrations like Shopify and WooCommerce, Breww would be notified by the platform but unfortunately Squarespace doesn’t currently support this. So after you have made a minor change to each invoice you should be able to go to Settings > Integrations > Squarespace > Force download orders. This will make Breww check for changes itself, and it will then re-download the orders.

Hope that helps but if not please let us know!


We’ve got the same problem as above with a couple of products on our new Woocommerce site. I’ve tried all the things you suggested above but the orders still haven’t updated with the new mapped product - any suggestions?

Thanks, Gemma.