Product Gross & Net Weight

Hi All

We have just been through the process of updating all the Gross & Net Weight’s of all the products and in our view it involved a lot of unnecessary repetition

eg Lets say that you have 3 Bag in Box sizes 5 10 and 20 litres. The Net weight of the beer will remain the same for any Beer ie 5 10 and 20 kg’s and then the weight of the bag and box will also remain the same. So once you have calculated the weight’s they would apply across all Beer’s.

Rather than having to enter the Net & Gross weight for every product would it be better to have a toggle that allowed you to apply a net and Gross weight for any product of the same type

eg If you have 6 or 8 different beers than you apply a Net & Gross weight for a 5L Box variant and its applied to every Beer. NB: This could be the default and then if for some reason a product needs to be different from the default you could still edit it at a product level?

Hope that makes sense as it will save hours of updating!


Hi Nick,

I hope you are well and thanks for getting in touch.

Yes, that makes sense and we really appreciate the feedback on this as I can see how this would save lots of time. I will make sure to update you with any updates on this and if anyone else would like to see this in Breww, please vote using the button above.

Yes, we should be able to set default weights for container types - overriding / editing these on products if required.


Hey Joe,

Just wondering if this has gone into affect yet, I’m struggling to edit weight of a container but rather can only edit the weight of individual products in a container. Am I missing Something?

We’re still planning on adding this feature, but it’s not been done yet. Whenever a feature on the community is implemented, one of our team will post a message on the thread confirming this and it will be tagged as #idea-completed

For more information on how we manage feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

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