Product breadcrumb to include Beer name

Is it possible to add the beer name to the breadcrumb on the Products by Beer tab?

Currently the breadcrumbs are:
Dashboard > Sales > Products> Beer Name, and
Dashboard > Sales > Products> Product Name

Ideally the breadcrumb would be:
Dashboard > Sales > Products> Beer Name > Product Name

This would help with assembling and disassembling products by not having to navigate back to the main products screen to select the other product of that same beer.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion here. I’m sure there’s something we can here to save a few clicks for you. I’ll have a chat with the team and let you know when we’ve made progress on this.
On a product’s page, on the components tab, there is a link to the main beer (beer icon), which may help you in the meantime. Obviously, this is only there for products with component packaged beers.