Producing batch/beer reports

Is there a way to produce more detailed and specific beer reports. There is an option for an ABV report but it also takes into account currently fermenting beers which skews the report.
For QC purposes it would be great to be able to produce reports on OG, FG, ABV etc and to choose the batches included in the report.


The ABV report should only be batches which have been completed. The report will attempt to use the readings which are marked as starting/final gravity, but if no readings are marked as such it will fall back to the first/last readings as an alternative. This might be where the skew is coming from (and so can be resolved by marking a starting gravity and final gravity).

Regarding other reports, we do have the batch comparison report which is probably a good starting point if you haven’t already used, but it doesn’t let you pick the batches yourself. If you’ve not seen this before, go to a batch of beer, then choose the “Actions” tab and there should be a button at the top-right of the tab labelled “Compare with recent batches”. This report will automatically select recent batches of the same beer and allow you to compare the OG, FG (and entire fermentation graph), plus temperature and pH.

Here’s a screenshot of the kind of thing you can expect from the existing report.

I’ve added a feature request to the list for allowing you to choose the batches included in the report. If there’s any other metrics you’d like specifically, please let me know, and I’ll add them into the request.

Hi Luke,

I dont have a compare recent batches under my actions tab on either complete or incomplete batches. Am i looking in the wrong place?


Hi Freddie,

Thanks for your message. Since our last post, we did have a slight reshuffle of the Batch page to make the user experience a little smoother. The Batch Comparison tool can now be found under the ‘Analysis’ tab of a given batch. Provided you’ve taken fermentation readings of this batch, you can then compare it against other batches of the same recipe for Temperature, pH & Gravity.

I hope that is useful and please let us know if you need any further help.



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Ah yeah, I see it now! thanks.

For some reason, its only showing the batch I click on (for example 1030) vs 1 specific batch (Which is always the same batch 1026) and not against all other batches. when I click compare 1026 it just shows it on its own. Is there something i’m doing to cause this. All the batches have multiple readings and are with the same recipe.

Thanks again!

Hi Freddie,

Ah sure - so the only reason I can think of why the other batches aren’t appearing on there would be because the recipe is different (i.e. not a new version of a recipe which is what happens when you edit an existing one, but a new recipe entirely).

If you go to Production > View > All batches > that table includes the recipe used as one of the columns. If you filter that table by searching for the Beer name in the search box, and then glance down the list of the recipes used, are they all the same except for the version number at the end?


Hi Max,

Ah yeah i see the problem now, half the batches i was trying to analyse havnt been fully completed which Luke already explained, and the other half are new/different batch size versions of the same recipe.
It would be great to be able to compare ABVs, attenuation etc for the same beer over different recipes as they are essentially the same product just different sizes.
Weve also been updating the recipes slightly in between batches due to ingredient specs and as we get used to the functionality and learn how to use Breww. This will most likely continue for us so the ability to choose batches for the reports will be really helpful once its updated.

Thanks again for all the help!