Printing keg/cask labels to open a new tab rather than replace the existing


Not exactly a “Feature Request” but…

When printing a label for a keg “Print barcode Label” the Detail View of the Keg is replaced with the PDF Print screen and in order to continue the “Back” (<–) must be used.

Suggestion would be to open a new tab for the print so it could simply be closed, and the original Detail view is left with the focus.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jim. We can’t really have the PDF open as well as the detail view, as this isn’t something that works reliably across different web browsers and devices… so this leaves us with two options - open a new tab, or use the existing tab.

Is opening a new tab really much better than the existing solution? Both require just one click to get back to the container detail view (either the close tab button, or the back button).

We’d be interested to hear if others have a strong view either way on this?

Thanks, Luke

Sorry for not being clear but I can’t count the number of times I’ve inadvertently closed the tab and then had to re-open Breww (and sometimes re-login). My suggestion would be open it up in another tab, that way the detail view stays.

My thoughts


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