Prevent selling of a product (a racking-only product)

I was looking at racking options and I noticed that there was the available packaging option of 12x330ml cans as a case.
This is an option we created as a product to be sold in the bar but duty wise and stock wise I only want to track individual cans. Is there a way to remove the 12x330ml can option just so there is no user error when people check stock back in from our canning partners.

If you don’t expect to sell this product again, you can mark it as obsolete and it will no longer appear on the list, however, this will prevent you from adding it to orders again too.

If you need to still sell the item, but don’t want it to ever be packaged/racked directly, we would need to look at adding an option on a product like “Prevent packaging directly to this product”.

Is this what you’re looking for?