Pre sell guest beers that haven't yet arrived

Currently, guest beers only go into inventory when they are receipted. We want to be able to add them to deliveries dated after their planned arrival date. Perhaps it makes sense to have an “Inventory date” as well as “Requested delivery date” that could be used to specify the date from which the items should be considered in stock.

Same applies to other inventory items - the stock levels of inventory items added to planned packagings should be taken into account as soon as planned, rather than at the point of racking. A purchase order to replenish stock prior to racking should also be taken into account.

Thanks for the suggestion, Craig.

Breww has support for this situation with your own beers and planned packagings, with the Available stock to check planned packagings & delayed release stock option in SettingsProduct settings.

I’m sure we can add another similar option to look at purchase orders or inventory receipts with future delivery dates, for guest beer and stock item products. If anyone else would find this useful, please give this a vote with the button in the top-left.

It’s either that, or perhaps allow overselling on a per product basis

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