Pre-Order Option - Brewwstore

It would be very helpful to highlight upcoming releases for new beers, small batch and returning favourites on Brewwstore as PREORDERS

At the moment the only option is “In Stock” and “Out of Stock”.

The only preorder option currently is to manually allocate, but there is no way via Brewwstore for customers to know the beers exist and so the only way to generate these orders is to engage more outside of Brewwstore which provides more reasons for customers to not use it…


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your suggestion and welcome to the community!

If anyone else would find this feature useful for their Breww trade store, please vote using the button above. We do have plans to upgrade the trade store in the future so I will make sure to update you if there are any developments with this.

Yes, it would be good to be able to preallocate cases and kegs of beer before they have already come out of tank… even if it is just a ‘reserved beer’ list. Means I don’t have to keep this list separate,

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Currently the pre-orders are not clear at checkout in trade store. Could there be a pop up notification that is editable, but would say something to effect of “some of your basket is not currently available for delivery, proceed to place these items on back order and we will notify when ready for fulfilment”


I’m just linking this thread with Improved management of pre-orders and reservations as it will help us manage these related requests.

For points relating to how pre-orders are shown on the Breww Trade Store, please comment/vote on this thread.

For other pre-order-related suggestions, such as how the stock is reserved, please comment/vote on Improved management of pre-orders and reservations instead.

Thank you, everyone, for your input and helping us to make Breww even better :+1: