Pre brew Stock check start date


It would be really useful for the ‘Pre brew stock check’ feature to have a start date to check stock. I know you can use the draft inventory receipt to use against future stock ordering but a start date that you can choose would be great as a quick stock check feature.


Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. Can you clarify what the start date option would do that’s different to what happens currently? Thank you.

Hi Luke,
So in adding a start date we will be able to look at stock we need from a future date. Say if I ordered two weeks worth of stock and then the following week I wanted to see what stock i needed for the next 2 weeks how would I be able to quickly do this without creating a inventory stock draft? Having a start and end date would allow us to be able to quickly see if we need anything for the upcoming brews. Hope this makes sense.


Sorry if I’m missing something here, but can’t you just set that future date now and get an accurate picture?

And I don’t think setting a future start date would work (but please correct me if you think I’m wrong). If you have, say, 10kg of something in stock now (2nd June), then you set a start date of 10th June; how much would Breww be meant to think you have available on that start date? 10kg? 0kg? Something else?

What if there were batches planned between now and 10th June? Or planned receipts? If these should be taken into account (which presumably they should be), then this is the same as just using the report as it exists currently and setting your end date further in the future.

I’m sorry if I’m overlooking something here, but I don’t see how this could work for a future start date and give accurate results. Please do let me know your thoughts if I’ve missed something :+1: