PO for Service Item

Hello collective brain…

We need to raise PO’s for service items and add costs that aren’t stock items as some suppliers require them i.e. Anton Paar, Elddis etc and I’ve made a service item but it doesn’t appear on the list of items I can add to the PO. I can’t find anywhere that I’d link the item to the supplier so is there a different way to do this or a feature I’m missing please.
How do you guys do this service/works orders or PO’s with only service items?
Thank you

Hi Claire,

Have you added the service item as a ‘stock item’ in the ‘Inventory’ section? Only stock items can be added to a PO. If it’s in the ‘Products’ section, you won’t be able to add it to a PO.
One other thing that might be throwing you is that you can only add stock items to a PO if the stock item has been set up for that specific supplier, or if the stock item has no suppliers set up. For example, if you have a can lid item set up for Supplier A, you won’t be able to add it to a PO for Supplier B. You’ll either need to remove Supplier A’s details on the can lid, so it can be bought from any supplier, or add details for Supplier B as well.

You can also add an ‘Additional cost’ to the PO, with this cost being distributed between the actual items on the PO.

Hiya Matt,
Thank you. Yes I made it as a product rather than an inventory item as it’s a service item not a stock item so though the new product “service” item might be available to customers & suppliers. It’s all a learning curve I understand it’s not now. I’m familiar with the supplier needing linked for a stock item but presumed service maybe different, that’s what I was looking for on the product in error.

I tried to raise a PO with just additional costs as there are no stock items to add but it won’t allow me to post it without a physical stock item. I’ll try working through it this way, I was just wondering if there was a service item PO feature or an entirely different way of doing it I was missing, thank you.

Ah I see. Yes, you would need some stock items in order to apply the additional cost. Let me know if you can’t sort out what you need, and I can look into it further for you!