Photo Uploads to the activities/interaction section of the customer page


Is there a way to upload a photo when you record an activity for a customer? I ask this because we use our CRM to keep track of tap lists of our customers, and it would be a lot more convenient to be able to upload a photo of their current list into the interaction section of the customer page instead of typing it out manually each time.

Thanks for all your hard work Breww team! the brewery I work at just started using this software and it’s been an awesome experience so far.

Thanks for the kind words, Matt, they’re much appreciated :pray:

It’s not possible to upload files to customer activities at the moment, but this is a great suggestion. You can upload files to a customer, and they are timestamped (see the “Files” tab), but I can certainly see the benefits of the files being linked to an individual activity rather than the customer in general.

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