Order Log Expansion

Can the order log be expanded to include and track any actions performed on an order i.e., emailing an invoice to a customer, updating the email address, updating the notification banner etc.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Ru.

Invoice emails sent to customers should already be in the log, a bit like this:

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 15.37.02

When you say “updating the email address”, do you mean the customer account email or the email address specifically associated with a single order?

And when you say “the notification banner”, what are you referring to? Is this what is called “private alert notes” in Breww, or something else?


@ru-battersby could you please get back to me on the above so that I can be sure that I’ve correctly understood what you’re looking for? Thank you.

Afternoon - apologies for the delay, I’ve been on A/L!

Yes this is exactly what we meant. We hadn’t seen this feature available previously so it displaying here it exactly what we needed.