On initial set up, how can I get my packaged and in-progress beers into Breww?

Before you can import your initial stock of beers and in-progress beers, you need to ensure you have defined the following in Breww:

  • Beers
  • Container types (these are your kegs, casks, cans, bottles, etc)
  • Products (products link together the beers & container types that you sell such as your IPA in a Firkin)

Your initial stock of products and your in-progress batches are added separately. It’s important to add your initial (already packaged) stock before your in-progress beers to ensure there are no unexpected consequences. For example, the importer will empty and mark as lost any tracked containers that are full but specified for import and can result in changes to planned/in-progress batches with conflicting gyle/batch numbers.

For beer you have packaged that you wish to populate your product stock with, we recommend using the Initial packaged beer stock importer in Settings > Data imports and updates. You can download a template CSV from this tool which will help you get your data in the correct format ready for uploading. You should only import the packaged beer stock here that’s already been packaged, e.g. your cans, bottles, kegs & casks. Beers that are currently in production but not yet packaged will be entered separately (see below).

For any beers that you have in tank/production at the moment, you need to also “brew” it in Breww. This can be done by starting a batch in Production of the relevant beer and assigning the correct gyle/batch number at the point of starting a batch. For this, it’s best to start the batch without an assigned recipe so that you don’t double count the raw materials. Adding these manually is a really good way to test out creating your real batches to get a feel for the system. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use your current ingredient stock for these batches, you can add your ingredient costs to the ‘Utility/other costs’ tab on a batch.

This process allows you to get Breww up to speed with how things actually are in the brewery & rack into products when you are ready to.