Next recipe step

I’ve developed a recipe with calculation step, but now the next recipe step is stuck on Calc
I don’t know why, because we are not on a calculation step and I tried everything to solve it.

It will be helpfull if we could play around with the recipe before confirming it and if when clicking on the next recipe step it takes us to the brew sheet page.


Hi Vincent,

Sorry for the slow response.

Ah, there was a little bug with the next recipe step getting stuck on ‘Calc’. We’ve fixed this now.

In terms of playing around with recipes, when on a recipe, if you click ‘Edit recipe’, a draft recipe is created and saved. You can play around with this draft as much as you like. You can then confirm, delete or exit the tab and the draft will be saved for later.

In terms of ‘next recipe step’ taking you to the relevant brew sheet page, that’s a great idea, and has been requested before actually! I’ll a vote on your behalf to the development task, and let you know when it’s done.


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