New Customer forms

Hello I’ve been reading the very excellent articles by James at WeBoughtBeer How To Sell To Bottle Shops - The WBB Playbook and am looking into creating a new customer online form as recommended.

Oh, and can we please do away with new account forms that have to be downloaded, filled out, signed, saved again and sent back.

Use a Google Form or Typeform for new account setups. They’re free and would be easier for us and you!"

Is there a way to easily integrate these forms with our customer database in breww or have you thought of integrating your own forms for us to send to new customers. if that makes any sense.

Hi Richard,

Oh sure, we actually already have this feature as part of the Breww trade store! There is a full announcement about the trade store here with all the details about it: Say hello to the Breww Trade Store, but specifically there is the ability for your customers to “Request access”. You can brand it to appear with your own logo, colours, fonts etc as well.

There they can input contact details, delivery information etc. which will then appear in your account as a “Trade store access request” in the customers section, which you can then either approve or deny!