Multiple sites & internal movements

We have multiple sites & occasionally have to move both inventory items (hops, containers .etc.) & finished product (usually kegs/cans .etc. to distro warehouse) - we can move these around individually within Breww, but would find it really helpful if there could be some sort of internal request & delivery system to make this a bit easier.
I envisage this working with a sort of internal sales order that slots into deliveries (and proposed incoming deliveries).

Some use examples would be -

Brewery A being able to raise an internal request for ingredients, that would then be pushed to the deliveries to be loaded onto one of our vehicles on the next area run. This could be assigned with the batch numbers for traceability, then when received moved within breww.

Brewery A being able to dispatch a couple of pallets of kegs to distro warehouse, again with assigned keg numbers, that are then moved internally when received.

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Thanks Steve, this sounds great. Just linking to the Incoming Deliveries thread too :+1:

As always, can anyone else who would find this useful, please give this a vote.