Multiple delivery Addresses for one customer

We have a few customers where we deliver to multiple sites under the same company/billing address. Is there a function to add multiple delivery addresses to a single customer account, or will an individual account for each site need to be made? It would make it harder to keep track of their overall financial statements in this way.

Thanks for getting in touch Alex. I’m afraid you can only assign one billing address and one delivery address to each customer so I would recommend creating a customer group of the parent customer and then creating customers for each site and having them assigned to the customer group. That way, you can do some reporting against the customer group rather than the individual customers.

I have also moved this to our feature requests for the ability to be able to assign more than one delivery address to a customer.

If we use Xero for accounts, how does the customer group match across to Xero? Thanks

Thanks for getting in touch Lewis. As a default setting, if you have a customer group set up in Breww, it will still send information over to individual customers rather than a group in Xero. The customer group in Breww is for determining invoice information and integration accounts to apply to the sub-customer invoices that sit below the customer group.

However, there is a setting under your Xero configuration where you can choose to upload customer groups instead of customers if you would prefer. I have attached a screenshot below for reference.