More fields to ferm. readings plus related extras


Would it be possible to add the following fields to the ferm. reading options:

  • ABV (measured)
  • Colour (EBC)
  • Haze (EBC)

Also, we measure gravity to five decimal places but currently Breww only allows five digits total - would it be possible to add a sixth?

On a related note, would it be possible to flag vessels that are still in fermentation (and hence needing daily samples) and but then once finished fermentation and crashed, they no longer flag that they need sampling?

I hope that all makes sense - if anyone else has requests for further ferm. reading fields post them below.


Hi Greg,

These are all really useful suggestions. I’ve made a note on our feature request list to add to the available fermentation readings we currently have in Breww. I’ve also made a request for a ‘fermentation flag’ and an increase in the decimal places. We’ll update you here once we have some progress but please feel free to make any more fermentation reading suggestions below.



Hi Greg,

Just a progress update on some of these! Colour is now an available option to add to your batch readings form, and Breww will also allow 5 decimal places for specific gravity now.

I’ll let you know once the other two are in!


Great stuff - thanks Max!