Monthly invoicing for multiple orders within month

We have customers whom we invoice monthly and who regularly order and have deliveries more than once in a month. We’d like to be able to combine orders into one invoice in a click and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that right now.

Hi Bethany,

Thanks for suggesting this idea. You’re right that this cannot be done currently, and I’m afraid with the current setup of Breww this would be an extremely complicated change for us to make.

Although you can’t combine multiple orders into a single invoice at the moment, you can configure payment terms for the customer which would result in all the invoices being due on the same date (such as “Last day of the month”). The customer’s account statement would then itemise the invoices which are outstanding and a single payment can be applied to the customer and then allocated to the individual invoices.

One of the big benefits of the way that Breww matches invoices to deliveries in a one-to-one relationship is that from an accounting point of view, your stock is reduced (completing the delivery) at the same point in time that you raise the invoice. This ensures that there isn’t a gap in the middle which makes it look like you’ve either lost some money (you deliver an order, lose the value of the stock from your stock valuation, but don’t count the sale yet as it’s not been invoiced) or you’ve made more money than you actually have (you have an invoice so count a sale, but it’s not been delivered yet so the stock is still included in your valuation).

Given the complexity of us changing this current relationship (and knock-on effects of having to then calculate a figure for “goods dispatched but not yet invoiced” and “goods invoiced, but not yet dispatched”), I don’t think we’ll be able to do this in the near-future.

I hope that makes sense.