Mechanism to Sell Tank Beer by the Litre (rack/sell draft beer & obtain draught duty relief)

Thanks Simon.

You’re right, tracking this in Breww at the moment isn’t ideal. This is why we don’t recommend tracking the volume of sales of individual pints (and similar) in Breww.

Instead, we recommend following the process outline at Handling served drinks (pints, wine by the glass, etc). Attempting to track individual pints solves through Breww will come with many complications that typically are not worth the effort, but it is up to you.

Hopefully we can improve this in the future to better support selling beer by volume, but I would recommend to anyone else reading this, that for now, you accept that there might be a cashflow implication on the duty of moving kegs to your taproom and offset this with a significant time saving on not having to track the individual pint sales within Breww. This should only have a cashflow implication and not a total amount of duty paid implication. (Any beer unable to be sold out of a keg could be ullaged.)

You can actually move a delivery’s duty implications to a different duty period if you’d like to.

I hope this makes sense, but please do let us know if you have any questions. We do plan to improve Breww to allow tracking of the sales of pints better in the future, but it’s not really intended to be used in that way right now, which is why this isn’t as easy to do as most other things that you can do in Breww.