Mass Change of Delivery date

Hi would it be possible on deliveries when you select a date to have say a tick box alongside the orders for that day and have a function to then change the delivery date of all those selected?

We have subscription boxes that all get dispatched on the same day. on occasions I’m having to view the orders one by one to change them and move them to the same date, Would also work for Bank holidays when our courier doesn’t collect so we can move all the orders to the next day.

Hope this makes sense


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Agreed, would be good to be abe to bulk manage deliveries in as many ways as possible. It takes a long time to move stuff about date wise. Especially if we are waiting for payment on orders before dispatch and have to change them often!


I think this is a great suggestion, thanks!

In the meantime, there is a workaround for own vehicle deliveries (but not courier/collections). If you add them to their own run, you can then move the entire run to another day.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 17.20.55

I appreciate this isn’t perfect, but hopefully, this will be useful in some cases, while we’re working on adding your suggestion :+1:

It would be good to see similar functionality on the Courier tab as we have on the Own Vehicle deliveries. Like tabs appearing for different couriers similar to the different vehicle runs.