Maintenance Spend

Could we add a feature to allocate maintenance spend items - more elborate than “Tooling”. We want to migrate all PO’s and purcahsing through BREWW but are hampered but the limitation of the maintenance allocation in the finance allocation.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Zane.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite follow what it is that you’re asking for. Could you please give me some more information?

Breww doesn’t have a “Tooling” option defined anywhere, so this may be something that you’ve defined in your own account (is this maybe a “custom stock item sub-type” or “other batch cost”?). In which case, wherever you’ve defined this, you may be able to define more granular options yourself already.

If you’re not sure where “Tooling” has come from, it may help to attach a screenshot showing where you see this, and we can help.