Mailchimp merging email addresses

The options for email address merging into Mailchimp seem to be either a) the main email, or b) all the emails.
The primary customer email, in our case, is always the accounts email address. Sometimes this requires a mailing list, but sometimes, it is the contact email that requires it.
I’m hoping for a way to filter which emails automatically get added to Mailchimp more easily? Even if it was an option to just have the contact emails instead of the main email.

Hi Joshua,

Welcome to the community and thank you for the suggestion!

If any breweries would find this feature useful, please vote using the button above and I will make sure to post any updates on this if they develop.



Hi Joe, Have upvoted Josh as this is a fairly sizable problem for me as well. I;d like to use the mailchimp integration but at present it would mean blunt force spamming accountants for whom the mailer is not relevant. Can you advise on any workarounds to this?

You could add a tag to all the contact emails that you’d like to get Mailchimp emails of something like “Include in Mailchimp”, and then include this tag in your Mailchimp list sync setting.

All emails would still be synced to Mailchimp, but in Mailchimp you could filter to only send to those with this tag applied.

I think this would solve your problem, but if you don’t think it would, please let me know why and we can think through other ideas.