Magento 2 Integration

Are you considering a Magento 2 ecommerce integration?

Hi Andrew,

Interestingly we haven’t had any requests yet for a Magento 2 integration, so it hasn’t been considered yet. From a quick look at their documentation an integration looks possible, and we’d be happy to add it to the list - although it would be difficult to say at the moment when it would be added.

Are you already using Magento, or are you considering it?


Hi Max,

Yes, we have been using Magento 2 for nearly 2 years.

I set up the platform and am fairly familiar with the development and maintenance side of it. It is quite a complex platform to set up, especially getting the environment right but once you’re there it provides the flexibility we were after.

If you have any questions about it feel free to fire them at me, and I’ll do my best.




Hi, we’d also be interested in this, just checking out the Breww demo and seeing if it’d work with our other services.

Hi Tamara,

Thank you for also voting for the Magento 2 integration, I will make sure to update you when there are any further developments on this. If anyone else would benefit from a Magento integration, please vote for this feature with the button above.