Made wine product in beer duty report

Hi, we’ve made a “made wine” licensed product which we distribute in firkins. What we didn’t realise that this will mess with our beer duty report. Any chance there is a tickbox somewhere like “do not include in beer report” or similar as we use the same equipment, yeast and all … just no grains at all so it’s not … well, beer … we’ll have the same issue when we start making hard seltzers I am sure. Thank you, Ondrej

Hi Ondrej,

Thanks for reaching out with your question! There is no specific checkbox to exclude non-beer alcohol products from the beer duty report. However, there is a workaround you can use for now. If you set the ABV of those products to 0, they will be automatically excluded from the beer duty report.

To fix any entries you’ve already made, you can return to your old batches and set the ABV to 0. This will ensure those products are not included in the beer duty calculations.

The good news is that as duty is changing for all UK alcohol products in August, we have some exciting updates coming to provide better support for non-beer alcohol products, which will follow shortly after the release of UK beer duty updates going live at the beginning of August, so improvements for non-beer alcohol product should be released sometime in early August. We’ll be sharing more information on the community, so stay tuned for that!

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please let us know.

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