Loss reason for Leads

Is there any way sales people can see what the loss reason is for leads that have been given the status of ‘Not Interested’? We can’t find it anywhere other than in the CRM reporting tool and this doesn’t link to specific leads.
We have a new sales person who is looking at ‘Not Interested’ leads to see if their situation has changed but we have converted some customers back into leads and ‘Not Interested’ because they are bad payers or loose casks and I do not want them approaching again. It is therefore important that they can see the loss reasons.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for posting on the community! Currently, you can view the loss reason for each lead on their individual page through the Lead History tab. It might be worth creating a new Lead status for customers who are bad payers or lose casks and label it as a loss type, such as “blocked customers”. This way, you can mark them as a loss, and they will be visible on the pipeline.

I hope this suggestion helps! Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thank you - great suggestion!

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