Location Deleted


A while ago we deleted one of our locations because we made a mistake with the bonded - non bonded situation.
Since then we have a some problems with starting a batch of beer, Breww can’t pick the stock items. This only works after we changed the location of the stock item in need.

While doing a Stock Take today we think we figured out why, a large part of our stock is still located to the deleted site. Now we are wondering if you could transfer this all at once, we tried to do this ourselves but couldn’t really find a way.

The deleted Site is Het Brouwdok - Brewery - Wharehouse (we know this is misspelled :slight_smile: ) and has to be moved to Het Brouwdok - Brewery - Brewery.

Hope you can help, thank you in advance!

Hi Anko, thanks for your comment. I’ve just been having a look at this for you; would it be ok if you opened a support ticket for this, please, as well as grant us access to your account? We will then be able to have a closer look at this for you; we should be able to undelete the location for you so you can move the stock held here via a stock take. You can raise a ticket by selecting the Need help? button on the menu on the left, followed by Support tickets. Cheers!