Linking a piece of equipment to racking

When racking a beer it would be useful to link it to the piece of equipment being used to rack. So when packing cans, it would ask what piece of equipment we’re racking via so ‘canning line’ and this could then request a CIP record, or maintenance record.

Hi Freddie,

Thanks for the suggestion here. I’ll discuss this with the team and get back to you when we’ve made progress.


Hi Freddie,

Good news this feature has now gone live! :tada:

You can now record the equipment you used during racking or transfer. Simply select any equipment used from the “Equipment used” section of the racking or transfer flow.

This also means that you can set up any type of equipment with a usage-based cleaning and maintenance schedule, not just vessels and brewing systems. So you can set up a cleaning record to request a CIP on your canning line after however many uses.

We hope this is useful, but if you have any questions or feedback, just let us know!


Hi Max,

This is a great addition, thanks for this! When using our canning/kegging line we always CIP before and after use, Talking it through with our team we thought it would be ideal if we could add an icon section to the main production dashboard so that the different equipment could be seen like the brewhouse. We can then see if it requires CIP before use. If it could also trigger a CIP/restrict use before it has been CIP’d when beginning a racking this would also be great.

Thanks again!

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