Line Item Pricing on Inventory Receipt - Editing and Viewing

When editing a line item on an inventory receipt, you should be able to enter the total line item price instead of the UOM price. The invoices that we receive from our supplier’s will show the supplier UOM price and the total line item price but never shows the UOM price as it is set in our system. We track by pounds, the supplier sends invoices based on bags.

As an example;
We received 110 lbs of 2-Row Malt in 2 55 lb bags. The Supplier lists this line item with a quantity of 2 (2x55lbs) and a unit price of $40.00 with a total line item price of $80.00. If I generate an inventory receipt for this invoice from the purchase order and the pricing changed, I need to go into the line item on the inventory receipt and do the math of $80/110 lbs to arrive at the UOM price that the inventory receipt wants me to enter. The application should be able to handle this math for you.

Also, when viewing an inventory receipt, each line item should list the line item total (not including the landed costs) so that you can quickly scan/compare the supplier’s invoice to the inventory receipt and see where there is a discrepancy in pricing.

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