Last Years Revenue on Dashboard

Hi Guys,

the way last years monthly revenue on the dashboard has been changed and is now just a feint line in the background. Can we please have it back to the old way - so hover over and it displays this year revenue & last years revenue?


Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

Nothing has changed on this chart for a long time, to be honest. The line has always been quite faint and you should still be able to hover over a point on it to see the number. This is a screenshot I’ve just taken from my test account:

However, I do agree that the faint line is probably too faint so we will look to make this more obvious. You should still be able to hover on any “dot” on the line to see the value.

If this isn’t working for you (or is displaying differently from my screenshot above), can you send us a screenshot (in a ticket if you wish to keep it private) and let us know which web browser you’re using (I know you’ve used Safari in the past so I’ve already checked this and it’s showing the same for me).

We’ll let you know when the line has been darkened too as this would definitely be better :smile:

Hey Luke,

It was just easier when the figure was displayed as a number when you hovered over an entire block - not sure why it got changed?