Keg Scanning to customer

I am trying to work out how to scan a keg to to a customer. We have QR codes for the kegs and understand I need to scan the keg to the customer via the manifest, but do not technically know how to actually do that in the app.

Please can you point me in the right direction of how to scan kegs to a customer (pub in the app).

Also do you have any other recomended handheld scanners for our driver to carry to scan the kegs, we are looking like something like the below or similar to what other couriers use i.e. UPS, DHL ect.


Hi Lee, thanks for your message and apologies for our delayed response to your query. Following your post, my colleague Connor has written a help article on Assigning stock to Deliveries , which should guide you through how to do this on the app! If you have any questions, then do let us know. Currently, we don’t support any mobile computer scanners, so the scanner you have attached won’t work, as the app has been built for IOS and Android on smartphones. However, we do plan to support these scanners in the next month or two! Cheers!