Is there a way to see mash temp trending over time?

It would be quite useful to see if I can view trends in mash temp so I can adjust accordingly depending on time of year.

You might be better off measuring your malt temperature directly. I always used to jab a thermometer into a sack.

Murphy’s used to host some interesting pages. Maybe they’re still there, perhaps moved.
Anyway there’s this:
which might be useful for you.

Note, the formula given doesn’t appear to allow for heating the vessel, so you’d want to pre-heat first (if you don’t, start.). You’d probably need to include some kind of fudge to get the formula to work for your particular kit. Previously, on a 5 brl kit, we’d quite reliably hit target mash temp +/- 0.5° C this way, all year round.

We had a chart on the wall, were we would look up the target mash temp, the current malt temp, and read off the required strike temp.


Thanks Jon! That sounds great and I will definitely look into it.

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