Is there a way to cancel a scheduled cleaning/maintenance task?

We’ve set up cleaning schedules for our tanks so that they are blocked from usage until cleaned. But if a tank is reported used by accident, (i.e. if we made a mistake telling Breww which tank a batch was transferred to and so “undo” the transfer) the wrong tank is flagged as needing a clean and there doesn’t seem to be a way to clear it other than to mark the cleaning as complete. This then creates a false record messes up schedules (i.e. “perform this task every 5th clean”). Need a way to void scheduled cleaning tasks.

Thanks for getting in touch Erik.

There isn’t currently a way to void cleaning processes I’m afraid but I can definitely see the benefit in this so I have moved this over to the feature requests section of the community so that other breweries can vote for this feature and help move it up the development queue.