Invoicing, completing, emailing question

Quick question:

If you invoice an order before completion - will it still send an email when it is completed? Or do you have to email it manually?

(I think I asked a while back for an invoice & email button - which would be convenient)

Hi Gijs, thanks for your comment! Emails will be sent to customers with the Receives invoice emails tag. The point at which this email is sent will depend on your settings. If you choose to email your customer invoice at the point of invoicing, an additional email will not be sent upon completion. You can, however, choose to have your invoice emails sent at completion rather than dispatch by selecting Automatically send when delivery is completed under the setting for When should Breww automatically send an email with the PDF invoice attached. You can find this in your Order/invoice settings. Would this setting work for you? Cheers!

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your response, but this is not an answer to my question.

I already use the “sent on completion” for normal orders, but occassionally I have to pre-invoice and it is unclear if it is then still sent out when the order is actually completed if I did not send the invoice manually.

I prefer to pre-invoice but only send it out when the full order is completed, because now we sometimes forget to fully complete these orders.

Hi Gijs, thanks for your reply. If your settings have invoice emails to Automatically send when delivery is completed, then an email will be sent upon completion. If you choose to invoice an order beforehand, your settings will still stand, and as soon as the order is completed, then the invoice will be sent to the customer. If you have selected this setting, there should be no scenario in which Breww doesn’t send an invoice email on completion, provided they have the Receives invoice emails tag set. Cheers!

Hi ben,

Maybe good to ad:

If an invoice is already sent out manually it won’t be sent a second time when the order is completed (I checked with a customer)

Hi Gijs, thanks for your reply. You’re right; if you select Invoice order and then you additionally select PDF → Email to customer, the email will be sent to the customer, and when it comes to the completion of the order, the email will not be re-sent. Apologies for not picking up this scenario initially! If you prefer to pre-invoice but only send it out when the full order is completed, then your settings should still stand, provided you haven’t manually selected to send an email invoice to a customer. Just to summarise, it is only by selecting PDF → Email to customer that will stop an email from being sent on completion, or if you forget to complete the order.

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