Invoice "Due By" & "Payment Terms" dates

Hi fellow users,

I’m having an issue with the “Due By” and “Payment Terms” not matching on sales orders & Pro-forma invoices. I’ve checked the customer & invoice settings, but can’t seem to find the right section to change what I need.
For example, Standard Terms are set at 14 days, a particular customer pays on delivery (due days set to 0), the correct due by appears on the pro-forma, yet “7 days after the invoice date” still appears below the “due by”.
Is this controlled via the invoice template settings; does a new one need to be created?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for getting in touch, and I’m sorry you’re experiencing an issue here. Would you mind creating a support ticket (click here) and letting us know the order number you’re referring to? That way we can have access to your account, and look into exactly what might be wrong here.


Hi Matt,

will do. I’m starting to think that I may have created the order before adjusting their payment terms - but would have expected that to update the order. Anyway, I’ll add a ticket now.