Inventory valuation reports to include expected cost where no landed cost is available

We are relatively new to Breww and as we’ve gone through financial year end want an accurate stock valuation. This isn’t the case with the standard report as many items do not yet have a landed value, and some won’t for months to come.

Would it be better to have a stock valuation report that defaults to landed cost, but uses the expected value where landed cost is zero? In that way an accurate stock valuation can be achieved from populated data.


Hi Alex,

Just following up on here following the separate private ticket that we raised. As discussed on the ticket, this isn’t really possible as we’d need to be able to differentiate between “no cost was entered” and “We got this for free”, which can’t be done without extensive changes.

On the support ticket, we offered to make some adjustments for you as a one-off if needed which I think should cover this for you, so I’m going to close this feature request. I hope this is ok.