Inventory receipt cost allocation methods for additional costs

Breww supports distributing your inventory receipt’s additional costs amongst your purchased items in a number of ways. Here we break down how each method is calculated so that you can decide which best works for your situation and costs.


We’ll use the example of a £60.00 delivery cost spread over three purchased items, all at £30.00 per kg.

  1. 100 kg of Amarillo
  2. 75 kg of Citra
  3. 50 kg of El Dorado

Allocate evenly

If Allocate evenly is chosen, Breww simply divides the total cost by the number of lines on the inventory receipt and allocates that amount per line.

In this example, that would be £60.00 / 3 = £20.00 of additional cost added per line. This figure is added to the total cost of the line.

Allocate proportionally based on quantity

If this option is chosen, Breww calculates the total quantity of the items on the inventory receipt, which is 200 kg in this example. Then Breww allocates the cost proportionally amongst each line:

  1. 100 kg of Amarillo: (100 kg / 200 kg) x £60.00 = £30.00
  2. 75 kg of Citra: (75 kg / 200 kg) x £60.00 = £22.50
  3. 25 kg of El Dorado: (50 kg / 200 kg) x £60.00 = £15.00

Allocate proportionally based on price

This option works similarly to Allocate proportionally based on quantity but instead calculates the total price of all lines and allocates the cost proportionally amongst each line. In this example, the total price of all items is £6,000.

  1. 100 kg of Amarillo: (£3,000 / £6,000) x £60.00 = £30.00
  2. 75 kg of Citra: (2,250 kg / £6,000) x £60.00 = £22.50
  3. 25 kg of El Dorado: (1,500 kg / £6,000) x £60.00 = £15.00

Hi Max, how would you advise we handle additional costs that apply specifically and entirely to one product on an inventory receipt? For example, if purchasing a number of different bottle box stock items on the same invoice/receipt, but only one of which incurs a one-off setup/stereo cost. As far as I can tell, the current options are to either a) factor this cost into the item’s price per UOM, or b) split the order across multiple inventory receipts.


Hi Greg! Yes, that’s right, those are currently the two best options for dealing with a cost that only applies to one line item.

We do have the Entering Pricing for Line Items on a Purchase Order/Inventory Receipt feature request, regarding the ability to add the total cost charged for each line, and for Breww to then calculate the per UOM cost for you. I think that would help here, as you’d be able just to enter the total spent on the boxes, including the one-off setup cost, and Breww would then handle calculating the UOM cost.

Hi Max, sorry I missed your response here, thanks for getting back to me! I have added my vote to the feature request that you linked, as I agree that it would come in handy in the situation that I described.

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Hi Greg - no problem at all. And great timing, by the way, as this went live today!

Well would you look at that! Excellent stuff, we’ll make good use of this new feature!