Incoming deliveries - reporting damage

It would be helpful to be able to add notes and photos of any damaged pallets/goods in any incoming delivery.

Thanks for the suggestion, Margarida.

It’s already possible to attach files (including photos) to inventory receipts and purchase orders. How would you need this to change to cover what you’re asking for here?

Adding notes is a great suggestion, but we’ve already got plans for Goods-in checklist for inventory receipts, which probably covers what you want to add notes for (and more)? If so, could you give that a vote?

I’m going to assume that a combination of the files that can already be attached and the “Goods in checklist” feature will cover this for you, but if you feel more is needed, please can you add it to the other thread for the checklist as it will likely make sense to build as part of that project.

Thank you.