Importing Purchase Order during Changeover


Currently going through the process of swapping onto Breww from brewman.

With regard to Purchase Orders that we have made on brewman and are still waiting to be delivered is there a way to move these over into Breww? OR do we need to just manually add the stock as it arrives?

Ideally for continuity we would like to keep the current purchase order numbers running so the first one we make is not number 1 but instead number xxxx to keep everything tidy for our accounts team. Otherwise it will look like with have different POs with the same PO number.

Hi Sam,

Thank you for posting on the community! Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to transfer purchase orders from Brewman to Breww. I think the best solution will be to raise inventory receipts as the stock arrives to track batches and costings.

When you raise the first PO, if you can open a ticket, we can update it from PO 1 to the next number in your current sequence, and the numbering will automatically continue from there to keep this neat for your accounts team.

I hope this helps, but If you have any other questions, just let us know.

Hi Connor,

Thats great, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Will drop you a message when ive done the first PO in BREWW

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Hi Conor,
Ive now cretaed my first PO. Its down as #2 as i created #1 by accident and deleted it.

Could i get number 2 changed to PO# 7076?

Hi Sam. For security purposes, could you please open a support ticket (choosing the option to grant the Breww Team access to your account) and confirm this (just a link to this topic is fine, or copy and paste your message)? Then we should be able to do this for you. Cheers!