Import Orders from CSV file

Is it possible to import a CSV of orders, inc delivery addresses into Breww?

We’re working with someone where we drop ship our beers, they can send us a CSV of all orders so being able to import this directly into Breww for invoicing and arranging deliveries would be great.

We’d want to bill to one customer but the delivery address to be different for each order.


Thanks for the suggestion, Rick. This isn’t possible right now, but would be possible, I’m sure.

In the CSV file you get currently, how is a multi-line order represented? Does it have more than one row (i.e. one row per product line)?

Would you be able to attach an example file for us to review the format? Please make sure to replace any private/sensitive data (such as names and addresses) with something that’s not private.


Yes I think it would be 1 line per product with the same customer order number.

For multiples of the same product it would show a quantity as a column,

Ok, great, thanks. I’ll move this to our feature requests section so we can track this through to implementation. Can you give this a vote with the button in the top-left (and anyone else who’d find this useful, please do the same) :+1: