How to reclaim ullage from previous beer duty submitted in Brewman

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We started using Breww at the beginning of August this year. A customer has returned an ullage from June when we were using Brewman. The containers which were sent to the customer aren’t listed under their account in Breww because it was done in Brewman and not transferred across. How do I make sure that we get the credit on the beer duty return when I can’t raise the ullage against their containers in Breww?
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Hey Olivia, thanks for the question.

Your best option is to make a manual adjustment to your duty return here (as you say, you cannot use the Ullage feature for containers delivered before you were using Breww). For more info on this please see the “Notes & manual adjustment” section of 📘 Introduction to beer duty

If you’ve any questions on this please let us know.

Thanks Luke. I’ll take a look.

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