How to manage multiple customers with a single invoicing entity (customer group)

Breww makes it easy to manage multiple customers under a single customer group. You can sync all invoices and credit notes issued to customers in a group to a single “customer” in your accounting software. This is especially useful if you have a single billing entity for a group of customers set up with a direct debit mandate in your accounting software. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Create a customer group

  1. Go to CustomersViewCustomer groups.
  2. Click the New customer group button and enter the details for the group.
  3. Under the Invoicing heading, select the option to “Always sync invoices/credit notes to customer group (ignore default)” to sync all customer invoices and credit notes to the group.

Step 2: Add customers to the group

  1. Go to Customers and click on the customer you want to add.
  2. Click Edit in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to customer details and select the customer group from the Customer group field.

Step 3: Map your customer group to your accounting software

  1. Go to IntegrationsAccountancy.
  2. Select your accountancy platform and head to the Tools tab.
  3. Click on the Map and download customers button.
  4. Map the customer group to a single “customer” in your accounting software.

And that’s it! Any invoices or credit notes issued to customers in the group will now be synced to the customer group and to the single entity in your accounting software.