How to handle sales at markets and beer festivals

We are just opening up our nano brewery and setting everything up in BREWW. One big part of our sales in the beginning will be little markets and hopefully some beer festivals. My question is how to handle these sales in BREWW. For the traditional sale to a pub or a bottle shop everything seems pretty clear, but for selling on a market and maybe getting paid in cash I can’t get met head around the procedure. It would be nice, if someone could help me with this matter. Cheers

Welcome to Breww, Kevin, and it’s great to hear your brewery is getting going :boom:

There are a couple of options for you here. If you’re using a POS platform that’s supported by Breww (such as Square or Zettle), you can integrate this and the sales will appear (with their payments) in Breww automatically.

If you’re not going down this route, then often our breweries will create a single “customer” named something like “Market sales” and then on the morning of each day that they’re on the market, they’ll open a single order for this customer.

As the day goes on they’ll add products to the order and finally at the end of the day complete the invoice and delivery to ensure it gets synced to your accounting platform and your stock levels get updated appropriately. You can also add the individual payments throughout the day to this order too, if you wish to keep track of your expected cash amount vs card amounts, etc, for an end of day reconciliation.

I hope that makes sense. There may also be other suggestions from our wonderful community members :+1:

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