How to generate export invoices with weights, Plato values and HS commodity codes

Export Invoices

Export-specific information can be set on any product in Breww, such as net & gross weights, country of origin and commodity code for use on export invoices for customers outside of your domestic market. You can set these values when creating the product under Product > Select product > Actions > Edit . You can also set degrees Plato for a beer product when managing a beer in Production . Export-specific details will automatically pulll through to all invoices raised for customers outside of your home country.

To show this extra information on an invoice, the delivery address country must be different to your brewery’s address country. Alternatively, you can opt for a customer’s invoices to always show this information by going to the Customer’s page > Edit > Always show export information on invoices (only brewery admins can set this).

Love this feature.

Always room to make it even better of course:

For proper export processes it would also be usefull to have total weights per line or tarifcode - as you have to fill this into export documentation as well - so now you have calculate that separately

Hi Gijs,

Thank you for the positive feedback and your suggestion.

Would it be possible to create a feature request for this please over on our feature requests page so that other breweries can vote for the feature? I’m sure other breweries would find this useful.



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