How to change my starting invoice/credit note number

When generating your first order within Breww, you will find that this will automatically show as order INV-1 (if you’re using the default settings). However, if you want to continue your existing sequence of order numbers from before using Breww, you can change the starting number.

To do so, go to SettingsOrder/invoice settings and click on the Number sequences tab. From here, you can manage your invoice and credit note number sequences and ensure they are configured to continue from where you have got to with any previous software.

We have a full guide on how to Define invoice and credit note numbering sequence/format, which explains this and other settings in more detail.

Already created that first invoice/credit note?

If you have already created the first invoice/credit note and realised that it’s showing as number 1, you should first edit the number on this document and after review your Number Sequences (as mentioned above) to ensure they are correct for future documents.

When viewing the order/credit note, you will see a pencil on the top left of the number. Clicking this allows you to edit the number.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 16.03.26

When editing the number, Breww will automatically update the Number Sequence to continue from this point, but we highly recommend checking the sequence in settings to ensure you’re happy that it’s configured as you need.